About Me


I am an assistant professor at the University of Notre Dame.  I  design mechanical structures that endow robots with locomotive capabilities that were previously not possible.  Generally, I do computational mechanical design and I’m interested in devices we can invent through algorithms but not with our intuition.  My design work has been applied not only to robot locomotion (legs, wings, suspensions), but to human movement enhancement (exoskeletons, orthoses, prosthetics)  and manufacturing equipment (high-speed machinery, grippers).

Previous Work Experience

Postdoctoral Scholar | University of California, Berkeley | Biomimetic Millisystems Lab | Sept 2015―Nov 2018 | Director: Dr. Ronald Fearing


  • Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering | University of California, Irvine | Jun 2013―Jun 2015 | Adviser: Dr. J. Michael McCarthy
  • M.S. Mechanical Engineering | University of California, Irvine | Sept 2010―Jun 2013 | Adviser: Dr. J. Michael McCarthy
  • B.S. Mechanical Engineering | University of Dayton, OH | Aug 2005―May 2010 | Adviser: Dr. Andrew Murray

Recent Posts

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Dr. Mark Plecnik
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