The presentation above describes how the leg mechanism of UC Berkeley’s Salto robot was designed. This presentation was given as an update on NSF Award CMMI-1636302 at the NSF EDSE Workshop at Georgia Tech in 2017.

Technical details are in:
M. Plecnik, D. W. Haldane, J. K. Yim, and R. S. Fearing, 2017. “Design Exploration and Kinematic Tuning of a Power Modulating Jumping Monopod,” Journal of Mechanisms and Robotics, 9(1): 011009. (link)
D. W. Haldane, M. Plecnik, J. K. Yim, and R. S. Fearing, 2016. “Robotic Vertical Jumping Agility via Series-Elastic Power Modulation,” Science Robotics, 1(1): eaag2048. (link)