Creative Design

creative design mark plecnik

A massive piece of kinetic artwork was designed to be installed on wall. A simulation of this artwork appears below.   For creative design inquiries, fill the contact form below:

Shape Changing Parabolic Reflector

shape changing parabolic reflector

Here is a bit from my undergraduate honors thesis work at the University of Dayton. The objective was to design a mechanically adaptable light reflector that moves five panels through five parabolic design profiles. The video below also shows designs for a shape-changing seat, cam, and face. M. Plecnik, Design of a Shape-Changing Rigid-Body Parabolic […]

5-SS Steering Mechanism

5 ss steering mechanism

A scaled prototype was built in order to demonstrate the kinematics of a novel steering linkage design. The design adapts the track, wheelbase, camber angles, and wheel height in order to improve the turning radius, body roll, and straightline stability of the vehicle without incurring any trade-offs.

Rotary Weaver

rotary weaver mark plecnik

A hydraulic hose manufacturer in the US approached UC Irvine in order to design a linkage for their rotary weaver equipment. They were trying to equip their machines so that they could change out the current 2 over 2 braid pattern into a 3 over 3 braid pattern. They wanted to avoid the use of […]

Rice Transplanter

rice transplanter invention mark plecnik

A novel six-bar linkage was designed to move transplant rice seedlings. The idea is to create a manual device that eliminates very labor intensive hand transplantation.  For more information on this subject click here. The next phases of this project are to design and test end effector geometry and feed indexing. This work is being completed […]

Six-bar Suspension

six bar suspension creative mark plecnik

For Long Travel A design algorithm was created that synthesizes suspension linkages that feature the Watt I six-bar mechanism. Watt I mechanisms offer motion capabilities beyond four-bar double wishbone designs, however their design in not intuitive so we depend on the mathematics to find linkage designs for us. The algorithm was applied to the design […]