Salto, A Jumping Monopod

salto the jumping robot

M. Plecnik, D. W. Haldane, J. K. Yim, and R. S. Fearing, 2017. “Design Exploration and Kinematic Tuning of a Power Modulating Jumping Monopod,” Journal of Mechanisms and Robotics, 9(1): 011009. link D. W. Haldane, M. Plecnik, J. K. Yim, and R. S. Fearing, 2016. “Robotic Vertical Jumping Agility via Series-Elastic Power Modulation,” Science Robotics, […]

Wing Mechanism

wing mechanism mark plecnik asme award

A wing mechanism was designed to reproduce a complex accelerative flapping gait from a single constant RPM motor. The flapping gate was deciphered from data obtained by Tobalske and Dial, 1996, of black-billed magpies. The synthesis process begins by specifying a 4R spatial serial chain that resembles a magpie’s anatomy. Moving the spatial chain through […]

Leg Mechanisms

leg mechanisms

This page shows an application of the design of six-bar path generating linkages for creating a mechanism that makes a walking motion.  Each six-bar is either a Stephenson I, II, or III type, and they were synthesized in order to guide a point path in a straight trajectory across the ground, then lift off the ground and […]